Thursday, June 29, 2006

So I finally bought a Nintendo DS (Lite)...

About one year ago I was almost upset with the stupidity of the DS. I felt that two screens wouldn't be a strong tool for developers and neither would the touchscreen. I felt that the dual screens wasn't the best thing to to, it wasn't the bang for the buck.

To some extent I do still think I was right. Many games have to squeeze a feature or display mode in that isn't really important or vital to the game just to occupy the second screen or the touchscreen functionality.

What do I care if Nintendo put another screen in there? What do I care if some developers can't make use of it?

I don't care at all! From a game design perspective the DS is king.

The DS simply demand skills, mad skills, from those who wish to develop for it and that is not my problem at all, on the contrary that is rather exciting.
So this is how I and the DS will live in symbiosis from now on.