Sunday, February 03, 2008


How har can it be? Our beloved earth has a limited amount of climates, 90% of all games feature a climate of some sort, a setting with some terrain so we should have seen all climates and settings a fair amount of times, yes?


We have forgotten that little something called AFRICA. I can't remember playing any game with an african setting. So why is this then? My first thought was that the general market for video games wouldn't identify with an African setting. But then I thought, countless movies takes place in Africa, we see it on nature shows on TV and see it on the news. In the end I can't help thinking we discriminate Africa not out of racism but out of fear. How do we portrait their daily life, coulture and habits without being prejudiced and ignorant, how do we write story and dialogue to reflect a continent of which we know so little? And perhaps the most difficult question, how do we shoot African charachters dead without it tearing up emotional wounds? And by all means, the game doesn't have to be about shooting anybody anyways.

Well, I imagen the only way to show the proper respect is to bring Africa in to the game on the same terms as everybody else.

Kudos Far Cry 2 for taking the leap!

How's this for a setting?