Sunday, July 02, 2006

Adventures in a brave new land (Nintendo DS)

So I have been playing for a couple of days and I am really pleased with my purchase.

The DS really is a completely untouched resource for me, it feels like finding a little place in your favourite MMORPG where you can gain xp 5 times as fast as normally. I almost get the feeling a GM will come running telling me that I wasn't suppose to have the DS untill level 58.

After playing Castlevania: Dawn of sorrow I made the following observations
  • As anticipated the touch screen functionality is working OK but doesn't really
    add loads to the game.
  • As anticipated the dual screen is somewhat handy but does not really make or brake the game.
  • As my own experience tells me blending animations in 2D is very difficult. Try jump + crouch + attack...
  • Air Control is a science! Dare say otherwise...
  • Getting the stylus out in time for the rarely occuring touch screen gameplay is harder then performing the actual touch screen gameplay.

    Regarding the soul game play...
    At first glance I really like it and it does perform well, no doubt...
    However I categorize as a player type that can get overwhelmed by decisions and even pushed to ignoring them. I feel this is on the verge of happening with the souls. Besides there beeing a lot of very similar souls (bullet mostly) I feel the system with the soul levels (1 - 9) is perhaps not so great. I think that players are bound to use a soul that have a high level rather then the soul they need, which I feel interfere with the goal creating process... "I think I need an area effect soul.. hmm... PLING cool! my blue laser single shot soul reached lvl 8! "

    Regarding free roam...
  • Free roam force developers to implement teleports or equivalent.
  • The initial "levels" fail to provide meaning other then "this is one seamless place" when you become more powerful. (I personally do value that seamlessness though)
  • Particurlarly difficult areas can become a problem if located in between points of interest since the player must play through this area several times when travelling back and forth (and since all enemies re-spaw when you leave the area
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