Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Adventures in a strange land: Mario Cart

My expedition continues and today I had the oppurtunity to play Mario Cart via the Wi-Fi download and play functionality. I must mention that I think the non-permanent friend to friend distribution is a great leap forward for the game industry. PC next perhaps?

Anyhow; I was playing Mario Cart and stumbled on yet another distinguished DS feature, the microphone and in particular: blowing!

The Balloon fight in Mario Cart require you to fill your ballons with air by blowing in the microphone. The scary thing was that blowing firmly worked much better then making loud noises... I actually felt like I was blowing air into the balloon.

Key findings for today:
"blowing" as a method for interaction

I am well aware that the DS isn't the first device to use a microphone or for that matter blowing but it IS the first time that I am discovering it first hand.

I have ordered Trauma Centre: Under the knife, because I think it will complemet my other two games on highlighting different aspects of the DS.

My game list:
Catslevania: Dawn of Sorrow
Dr. Kawashima´s Brain Training
(coming soon) Trauma Centre: Under the Knife

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