Friday, March 30, 2007


MFD or multi functional displays, are common knowledge in the aviation industry. HUD or head up display has its roots in the aviation industry.

Are we aware of this relationship these days? Do we care? Is it relevant?

I'm not sure, but I do know that the MFD concept is very interesting.

An MFD basically allows for almost limitless information to be accessed on a fixed size display. It is achived by creating X screens of information and Y ways to alter the information on each screen. It's nothing fancy and in HCI terms it would even be called obsolete. But still... I am intrigued. Perhaps there is a revolution in game interface design within reach? perhaps we could let go of the conceptual models that we cling on to. That is the strenght of the MFD in my mind, it doesn't try to look like something. Its just an MFD. 100% function 0% concept.

Herein lies the problem, it's usually regarded as a strenght to have a conceptual model for interaction, like "click on the turtle to go slower and the rabbit to go faster" and all that. I think conceptual models are a great tool. And yet I am intrigued...

Perhaps, or even likely, the perfect game interface has no concept but rather: Function.

Perhaps the perfect game interface is an MFD somehow, somewhere, someday.

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