Thursday, April 05, 2007


Stratics comes to the rescue.

Read their review here


I feel it needs to be said.
Normally I wouldn't say that one review is more right then another... But yes, I do think the stratics interview, or ANY other interview is more correct then Zitrons. That's just my honest oppinion.

We also dug out some server statistics on him showing that he hadn't activated one single technology being perfectly equivalent to; not becoming level 2 in wow.

This, might very well be our fault not making this clear etc, but his criticism did not bring that up.


Josh said...

I call bullshit, he has editors, works for a reputable magazine, and has been reviewing games for years.

More likely you are not finding any record of it because that speaks better of you and your crappy game that way.

The VF said...

Since you were so quick to scour the Internet for pictures of Mr. Zitron, I'm sure you wouldn't mind showing everyone photo proof of his server statistics.

I'd love to see them.

I eagerly await to see what excuse you come up with as to why you cannot post the server statistics - since you know, you're lying.

Joe said...
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Marcus Andrews said...

Josh. You tell me Ed does not have an image?