Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Officially killed by Ed Zitron!

Dreamlords has received its first head shot!
The killing blow is dealt in PCZone UK and it is made perfectly clear that dreamlords is possibly the worst game ever! (and obviously I can't handle it well)

So how am I going to tackle this, besides throwing things around in absolute rage?
Obviously I am going to take this guy apart and engage myself in war! Like any reasonable person would. Something that might haunt me for the rest of my life given this particular reviewer's reputation... I present the man with the plan, Ed Zitron a permanent residence of, and lifetime chancellor of "Doctor Ed's house of pain".

So what of it?
Has mr. Zitron no right to hate dreamlords? Of course he does, and he could perhaps even have risen some questions that other reviewers have missed or been kind enough not to mention, my objection lies entirely in the lack of actual analysis of the game and lack of constructive criticism.

I get the distinct feeling that Ed has an image to protect which makes what he has to say rather light weight. It's like evidence in court, this man your honor is clearly biased.
Dreamlords isn't the best game ever, in fact it's rather well known to have it's downsides that are being taken care of one by one. Once again I don't mind him hating the game but I do mind the fact that he forgets to mention several important factors that are important for the reader to make up their own mind. Ed is not reviewing dreamlords, he is laying down the law, which in this case is; his own opinion and irrefutable judgement. Ed Zitron is not a reviewer, he is an entertainer.

On a personal note I certainly don't trust this man's reviews. Here is an example.
Guitar Hero 2 (OBS Ed's editor has informed me that he stands by Eds review but that he disagree with the judgement cast.)

So now that I feel I smeared him at least a little bit I feel better. And now I am going to indulge in much more positive news.

A more balanced presentation of dreamlords on gamespot player reviews
We just scored 74% in the largest swedish PC Gaming magazine (PC Gamer sweden) that was a blast.

Just look at the dreamlords gameplay tutorial film here and tell me this is a 17% score game. If you honestly think that, so be it.

Over and out.


Snowcone said...

As the Editor of Snackbar Games, I can assure you we didn't change the score of Ed's Guitar Hero 2 review. I merely explained the reason for the score since Ed was pretty adamant that it was a step backwards from GH. That being said, I don't share his view on the game. I enjoy GH2 immensely, but I trust his judgement on how he arrived at that conclusion and stand behind it 100%.

Josh said...

So wait? you have to use a webclient and a game client to play?


sounds freaking annoying.

TitchySmiffy said...

I would like to say that I love Ed Zitron. I would also like to say that Dreamlords is pretty much terrible and it wasn't even worth the time in which I had to download the full game.

Michael said...

Bippety boppety, give me the zoppety.

James said...


Matt Zitron said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bob said...

This sure doesn't read like a competent rebuttal of an undeservedly bad review. It sounds more like: 'Cry! Cry! Ed Zitron didn't mention any of the GOOD points of my game! And neither wil I! But certainly not because there AREN'T any good points worth mentioning, no! I'll just attack Zitron instead of explaining what makes my game worth playing.'

Andy said...

Good to know its not the first time.


how both the community and the developers of the game picks apart his review is quite entertaining

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