Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Zitron's revenge

Ed fought back. Rather well so. Nice move.

To my amazement some people have actually read my rant about Zitron.

I am sure that I would be entertained by Zitrons reviews as well, but you cannot expect me to be entertained when he kills my game?

Surely, looking him up on the net, was an act of fury but nevertheless, he made me furious, thus an act of fury...


Joe said...

Oh, that was me actually (at least giantrobeast.com is me).

I probably should have set up a .htaccess file for those in the first place.

Marcus Andrews said...

Never the less... Nice move I am sort'a pWnd.

Josh said...

I will say, I clearly remember Ed bitching about the webclient for well over a week, so I find it pretty hard to believe that he didn't progress any in that time.

I'm kind of sad to see the Zitronosphere powered down.

Marcus Andrews said...

There has to be limits to how Pwnd I can be!

I can't host your ownege on my own blog ;)

I'll see what I can do about those server logs. But after that it quits, I respect Ed's review for what it is even if I hate it.

Marcus Andrews said...

By the way,
He might very well have progressed...
I mean you can earn money etc at lvl 1 in wow.. you can craft some crap leather whatever, he didn't research.

Which is the motor of the progression.

No one will deny that fighting a particular monster for the 100:th time is any fun.

In order to progrss in the game you need to increase gnosis and research.

From fighting you earn soulshards, an early form of gnosis.

Josh said...

I have a hard time believing he did no research. He, in writing this review, would know full well he would come under intense scrutiny from the developers, something he is rather familiar with. After he gave Roma Victor an 08% the developers claimed they never gave him the money he needed to test out parts of the game when in one of his screenshots it was there plain as day.

You are suggesting he played a game for a week without progressing in an integral part of the game. This is absurd, no normal person would do this, certainly not an experienced reviewer, and even more so not one who has experience with his reviews being under a microscope.

Ed can be brutal, but his reviews are honest, he may weigh problems heavier than others would (I love GH 2, but I can't fault Ed for his, there are bad songs, repetitive songs, and the difficulty scaling was way the hell off... for me the good still makes it worthwhile, but Ed is not wrong) but in a day when IGN hands out 7's and 8's to anything with a good ad campaign its quite refreshing. I understand your disdain for this review, but when you call the man's credibility into question you need to back it up.

Anonymous said...

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